Originální spojení kvality, tradice a designu
Thun, since 1794


- for your dining table,
- for your hotel or restaurant,
- for your friends as a wedding or any other gift...

Ten steps to your porcelain ware with original decoration

1. visit our website www.por-art.cz (note: done! :-) ),

2. choose “yours” from the Carlsbad porcelain range (note: individual types can be combined),

3. contact our studio at info@por-art.cz, or on phone number +420 603 554 282,

4. we will arrange the date of meeting in our showroom where you can see the chinaware personally,

5. you will become acquainted in detail with the full range of individual parts of your chosen set,

6. we will prepare the order of individual pieces of porcelain ware (note: your choice is not limited in any way),

7. we will discuss your idea of a unique tailored decoration,

8. in the following week we will send you the proposal of decoration in electronic way,

9. after approval, we will elaborate the data and pass them for implementation to our partner - Thun 1794 a.s.,

10. we will contact you with information that your service with a unique tailored decoration is made!

We will be happy to answer questions unaddressed here at info@por-art.cz, or on phone number +420 603 554 282. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.